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Gardening for wildlife is simple if you're aware of what wildlife is in your area and what their needs are. You may wish to attract wildlife to feed in your yard or go further and provide a diverse habitat.
*Wildlife habitat necessities
Plants provide wildlife with protection from weather and predators as well as a place to rest, eat, and raise young. Often plants also provide food, and some will collect rain water for drinking, too.
All wildlife feed on plants or other animals. Ideally, the diversity of plants in the yard will provide year-round food.
Fresh drinking water is essential for wildlife. Some animals need bodies of water for egg laying and early development and some live partially or entirely in water. Ponds are gaining in popularity, but simply placing a birdbath or large plant saucer filled with fresh water will supply the needs of a wide variety of wildlife.

*Planning a successful wildlife habitat
Wildlife species
Determine which bird, butterfly, amphibian, reptile, and mammal species visit your yard and live in your area. Learn more about them and their habitat needs.
Evaluate your yard
Which areas are used by wildlife? Can you enhance its value to the wildlife that currently visits? Can you modify it to attract other local wildlife? How much of your yard can you devote to wildlife? Can some areas do double duty? Are there especially dry, moist, or salty areas that you've given up on as far as traditional landscaping goes?
Native plants
Find out more about the native plants that will attract the wildlife in your area and which landscape designs work best.
Maintenance practices
Are you doing too much? Check our maintenance tips.
Find out more
Check out our wildlife section and listing of native gardening, wildlife, and conservation clubs and organizations.

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