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Fidonet, founded in 1984 by Tom Jennings, is a worldwide network of BBSs sharing message and file areas.  Fidonet is organized by location.  The largest entities are zones: Fidonet also has a weekly online newsletter fondly referred to as the Snooze.
Most Fidonet systems are free and don't require the use of special software or hardware.
Use the search option below to list Fidonet BBSs near you or in any city.
Nordevald Software's BBS, Fidonet nodes 1:1/143 and 1:377/3, is now down after 9 years online but many of the Disasters echo files are here.
Some old friends and fellow Fidofolk, such as Wes, Derek, and Dr. Bob have also moved on to the web. Chris Baker finally (kicking and screaming?) made it to the web as well. For a real treat, give a listen to Matt's award-winning audio theatre troupe SoundStage that does weekly shows on Tampa's community radio station WMNF. And, one of us (respecting privacy here) has been living at Black Bear Ranch. This account in the Digger Archives of the 1987 Solstice Reunion includes photographs and a bit of the history of the Ranch.
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