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Most butterflies dine on nectar and prefer brightly colored, fragrant flowers that are wide enough to land on. When deciding on which nectar plants to include in your garden, try to select plants so that a few are always in bloom.
Nectar plant information is available via the listing of nectar plant families and in the following table.
In the table, the regions of the state in which the plant will grow are indicated by N=north, C=central, and S=south. The blooming seasons are indicated by Sp=spring, Su=summer, F=fall, and W=winter. An asterisk indicates a member of the composite, or daisy, family.
Click on the botanical name for more information, including native plants within the plant's family
and which butterflies, birds, and other wildlife the plant attracts.
Click on the  photo  to see a photo of the plant.

Perennials -- plants that live many years
 nameregionbloomseasonbotanical name
photoAsterNCSlavender, blueSuFAster spp.*
photoBlazing starNCSrose-purpleSuFLiatris spp.*
 DaleaNCvariousSpSuFDalea spp.
 Florida PaintbrushNCSlavenderFCarphephorus corymbosus*
 GoldenrodNCSyellowSuFSolidago fistulosa*
 LobeliaNCred, white, blueSpSuFLobelia spp.
photoMilkweedNCSvariousSpSuFAsclepias spp.
photoMistflowerNCSblueSuFEupatorium coelestinum*
photoPennyroyalNCSlavenderSpWPiloblephis rigida
 PhloxNCvariousSpSuFPhlox spp.
photoPurple coneflowerNCSpurpleSuEchinacea purpurea*
photoSageNCvariousSpSuFSalvia spp.
photoStoke's asterNCvariousSpSuFStokesia laevis*
 SunflowerNCyellowSpSuFHelianthus spp.*
photoTick-seedNCSyellowSpSuFWCoreopsis spp.*
Annuals -- plants that live one year (some reseed themselves)
 nameregionbloomseasonbotanical name
photoBeach sunflowerNCSyellowSpSuFWHelianthus debilis*
photoBlack-eyed SusanNCSyellowSpSuFRudbeckia hirta*
photoGaillardiaNCvariousSpSuGaillardia pulchella*
photoSpanish needlesNCSorangeSpSuFBidens pilosa*
 nameregionbloomseasonbotanical name
 AzaleaNCvariousSpRhododendron spp.
photoBlue porterweed CSblueSpSuFWStachytarpheta spp.
 FetterbushNCSpurpleSpLyonia lucida
photoFirebush CSredSpSuFWHamelia patens
 GarberiaNCpinkFGarberia fruticosa*
 HibiscusNCSvariousSpSuFWHibiscus spp.
photoHoneysuckleNCSvariousSpSuLonicera sempervirens
photoLantanaNCSvariousSpSuFWLantana spp.
 New Jersey TeaNCSwhiteSpSuCeanothus americanus
 Red BuckeyeNCredSpAesculus pavia
 Sweet pepperbushNCfragrant whiteSuClethra alnifolia
 TarflowerNCwhite, pinkSpBefaria racemosa
photoViburnumNCwhiteSpViburnum spp.

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