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All visit feeders but none will use nest boxes.
Crows are excellent imitators and considered the most intelligent birds. Jays are also very curious and clever.
Florida Scrub-Jays, listed as threatened since 1975, are found in localized areas, primarily in central Florida. Their habitat, xeric oak scrub, is unfortunately excellent for residential and commercial development, growing citrus, and pasturing cattle.
A campaign is currently underway to designate the Florida Scrub-Jay as the official state bird.

name area season diet/native food plants
American CrowNCSSpSuFW-Bgrains, nuts, fruit, insects, rodents, reptiles, eggs, seeds
greenbrier, hickory, mulberry, oak
Fish CrowNCSSpSuFW-Binsects, fish, eggs, crayfish, crabs, fruit, seeds
cabbage palm, greenbrier, magnolia, mulberry, redbay
Blue JayNCSSpSuFW-Bacorns*, fruit, insects, seeds, lizards, rodents, birds, frogs
blackberry, blueberry, crabapple, dewberry, dogwood, elderberry, fringe tree, fig, grape, hickory, holly, huckleberry, mulberry, parsley haw, persimmon, pine, oak*, sunflower, tupelo, viburnum, wild cherry, wild plum
Florida Scrub-Jay
CSpSuFW-Bacorns*, fruit, insects, seeds
blueberry, huckleberry, oak
N=north  C=central  S=south
Sp=spring  Su=summer  F=fall  W=winter
B=breeds in Florida during season(s) underlined  M=Migrant

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